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? is a visual artist, who originates from Indonesia, like other famous artists such as Yunizar, Iabadiou Piko, Veri Apriyatno, Entang Wiharso, and Christine Ay Tjoe.

About ?'s work

?'s work is fundamentally grounded in Expressionism. Counting artists such as Vincent van Gogh, Egon Schiele, Wassily Kandinsky and Edvard Munch, Expressionism is one the principal currents of art of the 20th century - although it is considered to be an international state of mind rather than just an art movement. When it comes to paintings, Expressionist artists were significantly inspired by Eastern art which they deemed “primitive” in its use of bright colours and simplified figures. By adding textural elements and liberating their brushstrokes, artists were hoping to reflect the psychological state of mind of their time, and truthfully express their inner self. Wassily Kandinsky’s painting Der Blaue Reiter is a great example of Expressionism, which can be understood as Kandinsky’s desire to move beyond from realistic depictions and focus on subjectivity rather than objectivity.

? in private collections

?'s art can be found on Artland in the following collection: Tom. This also includes works by other critically acclaimed artists, Won Sou-Yeol, Farhad Farzali, and Choi Jun Kun.


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